Oxycontin 80mg

Oxycontin 80mg


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OxyContin (oxycodone HCl) is demonstrated for the administration of torment sufficiently extreme to require day by day, all day and all night, long haul opioid treatment and for which elective treatment alternatives are insufficient.

Restrictions of Use

On account of the dangers of compulsion, mishandle, and abuse with opioids, even at prescribed measurements, and due to the more serious dangers of overdose and demise with expanded discharge opioid details, hold OxyContin for use in patients for whom elective treatment choices (e.g., non-opioid analgesics or quick discharge opioids) are incapable, not endured, or would be generally insufficient to give adequate administration of agony.

OxyContin isn’t demonstrated as an as-required (prn) pain relieving.


OxyContin is contraindicated in patients with:

Noteworthy respiratory sadness

Intense or extreme bronchial asthma in an unmonitored setting or without resuscitative hardware

Known or suspected gastrointestinal hindrance, including incapacitated ileus

Extreme touchiness (e.g., hypersensitivity) to oxycodone


In spite of the fact that the danger of compulsion in any individual is obscure, it can happen in patients fittingly recommended OxyContin. Enslavement can happen at prescribed dosages and if the medication is abused or manhandled.

Survey every patient’s hazard for opioid compulsion, mishandle, or abuse preceding recommending OxyContin, and screen all patients getting it for the advancement of these practices and conditions. Dangers are expanded in patients with an individual or family history of substance mishandle (counting medication or liquor manhandle or dependence) or psychological sickness (e.g., real dejection). The potential for these dangers ought not, in any case, keep the best possible administration of agony in any given patient. Patients at expanded hazard might be endorsed opioids, for example, OxyContin, yet use in such patients requires serious directing about the dangers and appropriate utilization of it alongside escalated observing for indications of dependence, manhandle, and abuse.

Mishandle or abuse of OxyContin by pulverizing, biting, grunting, or infusing the broke up item will bring about the uncontrolled conveyance of oxycodone and can bring about overdose and demise.

Opioids are looked for by medicate abusers and individuals with habit issue and are liable to criminal redirection. Consider these dangers while recommending or administering it. Techniques to diminish these dangers incorporate recommending the medication in the littlest suitable amount and exhorting the patient on the best possible transfer of unused medication.

Genuine, perilous, or lethal respiratory misery has been accounted for with the utilization of opioids, notwithstanding when utilized as suggested, and if not instantly perceived and treated, may prompt respiratory capture and passing.

While genuine, perilous, or lethal respiratory gloom can happen whenever amid the utilization of OxyContin, the hazard is most prominent amid the inception of treatment or following a dose increment. Nearly screen patients for respiratory melancholy, particularly inside the initial 24– 72 long periods of starting treatment with and following measurements increments of OxyContin.

To lessen the danger of respiratory gloom, legitimate dosing and titration of OxyContin are fundamental. Overestimating the dose while changing over patients from another opioid item can bring about a lethal overdose with the principal dosage.

Inadvertent ingestion of even one measurement of OxyContin, particularly by youngsters, can bring about respiratory gloom and demise due to an overdose of it.


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