Durban Poison

Durban Poison


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About Durban Poison

Durban Poison is an unadulterated South African sativa landrace. It is a striking and sticky assortment that is well changes with an assortment of developing conditions. The pride of South Africa and one of the world’s most commended strains, Durban Poison is to a great degree powerful hyper-buzz marijuana.

Durban Poison buds are notable for the stimulatory impacts that can be particularly valuable in helping people with conditions like pressure, gloom, euphoric, mental turmoil and some more. Also, it is popular for its capacity to empower and help mind-set.

It is sweet in nature and presents the Sativa-darling with an essence of flavors going from lemon treat to zesty anise. Likewise, the aroma of this strain is pine, lemon and the regular scent of numerous unadulterated landrace strains.

Origin of About Durban Poison

It is an unadulterated Cannabis sativa strain that starts from the South African port city of Durban. It was established by a maryjane devotee Ed Rosenthal and conveyed to the United States amid the pot investigations and tests done in the 1970s.

South African Durban Poison was first presented by me. I got perhaps 100 seeds from South Africa and developed them in California in the late 70’s. Most were bisexual, little calyxs, and not all that good buds. In any case, I saw the potential for an early Sativa so I worked with it for a couple of years to tidy it up. I at long last wiped out above all else the terrible qualities, and presented it in the mid 80’s. When I took it to Amsterdam it was a quick hit, one of only a handful few Sativa strains that can be developed outside in Holland most years if the climate is OK at reap time.

Each seed shipper in Holland got a few and made duplicates and also Hybrids; the greater part of the Durban Poison hereditary qualities being passed around were initially from my work until Afro-Seeds flew up a couple of years back. My Durban Poison is Sativa, unadulterated IBL Landrace made from seed lines, kept up with clones, Male and Female. There is no adjustment in the genepool now as any seeds are delivered from chosen clones 20 years of age. The plants had a solid licorice/anise smell and taste, and also being very right off the bat in development. The quality was med-solid, power solid, yield very great, exceptionally consistant. To be straightforward I thought of it as a daytime smoke.


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